Monday, 24 January 2011

Had learned the hard way that killing rare mobs in Cata only produces a crystal tear - a gray item meant for making the slayer feel bad for killing a good rare hunter's pet. Well, it worked. I didn't know it's not like before, when you get cool stuff and ach! ... :(  It had not been the best day. The worst of it by far was the moment, and I am still suffering for it now, was when the general was flailing around a bit of a plastic hose, super lightweight, threatening Barky with it in jest and I mocked him, saying 'like that would really feel anything if you smacked her with it.'.. And he said 'Oh, do you want to find out?' and I said 'Bring it, buster', putting out my bum to be smacked. It was unexpected, just how friggin much that thing hurt!!!?? I danced around the room like a headless chicken for about ten minutes, crying and yelping and no amount of blowing cool breath onto the bum made it any less damn burning... That'll teach me to provoke unnecessary violence :P

I have added another thing onto my wish list, although not fur this year just yet... But eventually. It's called Bastion. I'll explain it when the time comes.