Saturday, 29 January 2011

Done with the third book, off to the editors... So now I find myself at a bit of a predicament. Do I say 'enough is enough', or do I keep riding this odd, sensationally warm wave of literary productivity I've caught, quite unprepared?... Dunno. But I do know this - if I do chose to continue, I'll skip right over the 'Bard and go straight into translating the 'Heart. That should make for a slightly more massive project than these last, as I would have to write everything anew, but while the works are out of my reach, and it's too cold and gloomy to do much else, it feels like the proper February assignment. No idea if this country's demographic would go for a girly adventure in space, but you never know. Mayhap it's time someone finds out...
            Other real world projects pending, I find myself in the world physical shape I've ever been. Just walking pains me. I take it the treatment is working? All I have now is looking forward to another year or so of feeling like this :P The media commission is turning me off, though. They can't seem to appear serious and I am waaay too over half-hearted commissions to insist.
            But the flat is coming along nicely and I am making my Binky pancakes for supper. All is well in the world ;)