Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Michael Nyqvist

Things I always find deeply attractive in men/ characters.
(As I've noticed, staring intently at Kelle Blomkvist for the past three days.)

- stoutness
- bit of a belly
- body hair. Chest and tummy and arms and legs and the more the better and possibly various colors of see-through brown (though not a jeti, obviously.)
- long legs, though not thin. Never thin. Powerful thighs.
- pout mouth. Small, but full. Especially lovely kissable upper lip.
- outdoorsy wardrobe. Good shoes for trouble.
- deep voice.

- clever, resourceful, but cautious. And quiet.
- good at impro, but slightly idealistic
- fundamentally romantic, but very practical
- fiercely loyal
- lots of facial expressions. Very easily read into, if one takes the trouble to observe. But very shy to smile or raise his voice.
- entirely human. Not a robot, or a statue. Full of good and bad.