Sunday, 9 January 2011

Have spent three days writing up the 'Egyptian adventure' - with the old pharaoh interview in the end. I believe it's my best short story yet, but it's nowhere near readable. I know this, because I found some fifteen years old stories and I remember I had this exact feeling writing them then and they're terrible. But it feels good to dive into the research again. This is what dDaniel and I were really good at once. It's an excellent time we live in. All afternoon there have been 'latest space discoveries' on the TV - it's amazing, the stuff they've been able to point out lately. I think we are two shakes of a lamb's tail away from finding life on other planets - we just can't get to it yet. Plus it's all the world needs right now: more ugly and enigmatic deep sea lifeforms with their own street illumination :p
          The lunch at the parents' house has been painful again - not so much psychologically but on out stomachs. Gods, but adults sure are the way to get fat... Beforehand, and I went to doggie school and the trainer lady pointed out the bits we've been failing. She said that dogs like these, the Beagles, are fully fit to survive anywhere, so as soon as they discover they are safe, running away, they are (mentally)  gone for good. I need to maintain the interest of my mutt as the only source of food, bed and safety. She must never grasp how fun life is when she's out of my reach.
           Couple of new shows have started and couple of new good movies are out, though I haven't seen much of the good new stuff lately. I've seen the first episode of the second season of V (picks up right where it left off), first fifteen minutes of True Grit (kind of great, really) and the teaser for Ice Age 4. :)) Supposedly 127 hrs isn't entirely bad, though it does sound awfully shocky and I don't deal in shocky, while the movie theatres have hit such a dry season, the General and I can't go to the shows even if we wanted to. Weather's been dense with southern wind and warmth, though. We actually went for a lenghtly evening stroll yesterday. It was enchanting. I hadn't touched the camera a single time.