Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I'm getting to the part where I hate almost everything about my book. It's a good sign. It means it's almost done. I'm printing out the first out of two paper drafts - one for for friends and family and once we are done with it, the second, retouched version goes to the beta reader. After that its 'fuck it. I either let it go now or I spend the rest of my lie changing and 'improoving' it.'....
            Three people got to it so far - three opinions, obviously. Dad's was the harshest - he even fixed the Shelley poem at the start of Ozymandias! LOL  Mum said the interview with Ramses is 'socially and stoically untild'. Whatever the frek that means?! But Drey was a lot more friendly. She just said which parts are boring and I took that to heart. Never forget the stories need to feel like waking up. They need to feel like bits of dreams of memories.... Of someone's else cool life-story. :))

Am thinking about one of Kimi's latest for a cover....... The smirky time-dislocated librarian:)))