Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Nude as the art form, unravelled

Ivory Flame posted some new stuff and I followed some of her links to some of her friends' blog sites. I am nowhere near comprehending the beauty of nude as an art form - for the most part, I find it quite boring and done to death - but of course I am constantly proven wrong by fellow great photographers. Example:

Pretty amazing takes on the subject, isn't it? I especially love the second one, the one of Holly's elbow: there's nothing nude about it and yet it's a nude (and she has freckles on her elbows :D How cool is that!) Oddly enough, I cannot find much liking for a model that doesn't also have a mild face. The women with flawless bodies, but mean, aloof, cold faces totally undo it for me. I am such a sucker for the soul :P
        Soon, though, soon I will see the sun again and feel warm and adventurous and outdoorsy and I will take tons of pretty pretty pickies. Winter is DEFINITELY a writer's forte. And thanks to Drey, I am almost done with my selection. I'm thinking... three, four stories more and we'll be there? That a couple of week's doing.