Monday, 25 July 2011

Day three

Sliding seamlessly through Sweden... We are just near the Norway border and are about to find out... what now... I'll let you know in a minute.

Neup, no hassle there either. The traffic did slow down for a bit, but nobody stopped or suspected us of anything sinister. The crossing out of the country is more strict, though. The line is a few miles long.
We got to Oslo without a problem, even sooner than we anticipated, but that's where things began to go south. General hates driving through urban areas, oddly enough, eh?, so the other man drove and it sucked. Admittedly, I was more impatient than usual, but he just brings that out in me, as he is always so commanding to his own wife - who is always so obedient and nice... So it didn't go well. I had planned to park and see at least one museum and parts of the city and I know everyone else did that, too, but General, frustrated with not being able to find a parking, simply said: I take all blame, I rather have it you are cross with me than having to stay here - and he just drove us out of the city again. The rains returned in their drizzly manner, and I couldn't but cry for an hour. I simply felt like I have been driving such a long distance for such a long and strainous time, only to be shown a glimpse of something I've been looking forward for the past two years - and taken away again. When we stopped so he would try and cheer me and give me some water, I just started to walk away. A part of me reasoned with it all, but the primitive part just wanted out of this nightmare. I have never seen the General so frustrated, never seen him cry so hard and tremble and be at a total loss of what to do. So far the trip has been terrible, nothing nice has happened to us yet and we just kept arguing all the time. The thing is, nobody ever listens to my plans - I conjured a good plan for the trip, and everybody agreed, but nobody followed it, so naturally it was getting more and more stressful. I never want to see my man so strained ever again.
.... So, me being me, I pushed all this mess over the cliff and the other couple traveling with us literally just asked to be driven to the airport. The only thing I was praying for was that they find a soon enough flight. Claiming not to behold any grudges, just tired, they thanked The General and asked me for one last assistance, although I must have seemed and walked like a zombie, finding the tickets. Oddly enough, the flightout of Oslo (to Pula) for two today coated exactly 132 €. The next time I wanna go someplace I'll just pack and go to the airport, from desk to desk, until I find a cushy destination.

So, now we are alone. Just the three of us. already atheist skies has been clearing. Still a bit troubled by all these strange and ugly turns of events (I blame myself, but then again it did take me three days of a bad road to get here...), I am finally starting to feel good about this whole gig... We put up a tent by a neat lake, made supper, had a bit of a walk... It was nice, and simple, finally....