Friday, 15 July 2011

I haven't been using my camera much lately - in fact I was asked today, quite out of the blue, how come I don't have it on me - when we were walking our dogs and playing in the river. More over, I haven't even been spending all that much time behind a computer!.. Predictably, I've been scouting for cool travel stuff and chatting with friends. Our trip seems to be on track and gaining intensely, so I'm slowly and surely allowing myself to become overwhelmed.
           Two days ago, I filled for my papers and General being the General, minus a wisdom tooth and some jaw bone, got them within the work day - I now have a brand new, crisp and virgin passport - hopefully my last for the next ten years, for a change. I also purchased - unbelievably! - a few items of clothing. The day was supposed to be spent looking for the top of my bathing suit, but it was instead spent looking for a tent. This is what we ultimately settled for:

          The Poseidon 5 tent, recommended to us by the sales-lady and kind of just what I was going for: I wanted three separate compartments - two for two pairs and one that could either be a dining/leisure area in rain, or a smaller room for the kids and dogs and whatnot. The thing looks excellent, sturdy and cushy, and shouldn't be too hard to put up... Dunno. We'll have a test run one of these days. I'll let the General do his magic while I videotape the baptism of fire:))))
           While shopping on on my own, I had coffee with a man (I've known him from before.) who wanted to ask how I feel about him killing himself. I offered two answers - namely having a decent reason and then deciding on the method, mess or, considering he has kids, suicide by a noble deed. Thorough the entire conversation I had the feeling he was asking me to execute him with a shotgun and I think I managed to avoid that one nicely, as General would probably beat me if he knew what sort of people I have coffees with. But it serves me right. Just a day before I was asking what the toxin effect of a tranquilizer dart would have on a hostile subject if shot through the eye.... Evidently, too severe on the brain. And quite runny on the eye.
            Anyhoo, then Drey called joined and the five bitches had a lovely stroll, though we didn't get to see the latest (and last, finally) HP movie. We had a talk outside-on-a-fine-summer-night dinner, during which we compared loads on our professions in a creative sense.People talk of making me a web site, but i doubt much will come of it.
            By the time I got home, General was already in bed with a mosquito, snoring gently. His pain is getting slightly better. He has one week to get back into saddle. I want him happy and sprite as soon as we start out new adventure. :) I was hoping to watch the second The Walking Dead episode, but it's too morbid for him. (Cause 'I survived Brazil hostage kidnapping' or Rambo III isn't.) I suppose I'm just that sort of a person, that if he happened to get bitten by a zombie, trying to rescue me, I would never give him the mercy shot or anything stupid like that. Nah, I'd get myself bitten by him and we'd live happily ever after as zombies together. You never know. Who's to say we wouldn't have a blast :P