Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Of storms and toothache..

An unexpected storm hit us yesterday. I hope the skies clear up, as I need the sunlight for the shoot, but it does feel good to have some normal air instead of 500% humidity for a change. It's been a while since I've seen the heavens this charged up: clouds would form, snap, shoot and bolt and hail, clear again, then return... Once or twice the thunder struck so loudly smaller items trembled. We stored the car in under the passage way, but dad's vineyard got hit hard the second round, as the hail tore off half of his grapes berries.
         The General is still out, though by now he isn't hurting so badly anymore and we can safely assume his jawbone wasn't broken or it would have heated and swelled up by now. Like most of him, his wisdom teeth are large, strong and stubborn and as far as we can tell, at least two of his other teeth have been damaged by the procedure. Poor guy. I'm keeping him sedated and feeding him banana milkshakes and he's mostly sleeping or pretending to watch TV. What is it about men when they are wounded - all my mother instinct kicks in. Then again when he was bringing me from the hospital, he practically carried me in his arms... So sweet :))


Turquoise Viola said...

How nice... some men should learn from your dear General! ... :)*

Pix said...

He surely sets the standards high :))

Arabelle McCuen said...

The General is just so… manly! When he's in pain, he just curls down. When you're in pain, he'll carry you in his arms to the hospital! No questions asked! Did he have a prior procedure at the dentist's office? Hmm, he ought to get those wisdom teeth removed real soon.