Thursday, 21 July 2011

The nightmare of having 3o bucks....
Let's see... What costs EXACTLY 30 bucks?.. An iPad sleeve, which I really need... But then again I can make that myself...
A really cool travel blouse and a reaaaaaly cute summer hat... But I don't really need those. I got too many clothes already and it's my own damn fault if I fail to fit into them...
A WiFi rooter for my room. But fuck that, I'll get it eventually when I get home. I need to calibrate my psychodrama onto cyber cafes for a while and I'll do shiney.
My phone bill.
Ten kebabs.
Dog food.
A travel insurance.

And lots and lots and LOTS of pretty pretty apps :D     ....big frikky guess which I'll be getting. 8)
and just so you know, this is posted from an actual working cyber cafe. While downloading The Intelligent Life magazine. Over coffee. Across the street. I can see my room from here. This is so summer grand :D
... And.... >Send<....
Hee haa :D