Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The photo shoot today was supposed to be in a sunny window, but as it turned out, yesterday's hail storms left a gloomy air about and we spent most of the time in a cloudy shadow :) No biggie, I was going for a more gritty grain anyroad. It was a cushy impro shot and it was fine. Pity it gets like supper humid and hot at about nine. :/
         Went to see dad and he'll be okay - there was really a lot of damage on the crops, the grapes and the fruit, mum's all depressed cause her tomatoes look like they were in the final scene of Bonnie and Clyde :)) Kinda miss them, but in this heat all anyone can do is hold on tight and hope for it to pass quickly.
          Ugh, and there's JCVD movie on the Tv, that General is *not* watching (he's asleep, but if I turn the TV off, he wakes up. He's like a kitten that way :p). Life really is full of trails :P

here's some backstage stuff. And by stage I mean my house stairway ;)