Monday, 18 July 2011

The *sunny day* in 'Sunday' :)

Just got home from the movies - I went to see the last HP and it was evening well spent. I should probably read the last two books, because I didn't understand half a bit of it (Severus, Lilly who what when? was he or wasn't he Harry's dad? And Dumbledore (Albus, not the other one) good or evil or what? Greedy? Incompetent? Blindsided with power? Just don't know. And if he knew such an elaborate plot to kill Riddle will have to ensue, with so many innocent people dieing, why didn't he kill the kid on day one?) Anyways, it was a good movie (I could live without some speeches, but then again it's always tricky to put two high peaks into one plot, so there may as well be a valley between them...  If I wrote the Neville storyline, I'd have him kill the snake as soon as he pulled out the sword from the hat, but I suppose that'd make it for too grand a sacrifice.. Also, when you negotiate for an item you may still need, do it saying 'when this is over, you can have it' in the contract...) Other than that, it was an excellent movie, considering it's the eight' in the franchise. 

But that's not the most fun we've had today. Nay. In the morning, I packed for the first road trip we've had in ages... Towels, sandals, sandwiches, dog, Flirt cocktail in a cooling bottle, the whole catalogue. And then Drej, her mate, their mutt, General, Starbarky and myself drove up the river stream to get to the point where it's still clear. We found a neat, only slightly littered spot, bit of a shore and to me it was perfect. Some wouldn't go into the water, because it was *you-gotta-be-friggin-joking?!* cold (ej, it's glacier spring, isn't it?), so hoped for more shade and some (mostly doggies) wished they could roam around more freely, alas, a buy road was near, so leashes stayed on... But to me, it was perfect. I swam more than the lot combined, explored, fooled around, even kissed a great deal and there was lots and lots of sitting, embraced, in the shallow waters, looking at one another with lovey eyes... I told General good life is made of small kisses in perfect circumstances and these were an example. He was in a jolly mood indeed. Even built a shade shelter for Lyra, when she was napping in her carrier box.I am really looking forward to our trip. He deserves to be in the fundamental nature. It's in his spirit. :)
           (I love it even more, I just need to have my toys with me all the time, to fully enjoy it ;) )

 See, this is Barky coming out of the river: it needs to be shaken: left ear, right ear and finally, the tail...

 Sofi, Drej, /there's actually a person under the soil, signalling Martians), Vani and the General, erecting the shade for Lyr, who's in the box.
 The three of us :)

 Sofi, as it turns out, the most avid of all swimming dogs :D

What is it about boys being nasty to girls and wanting to make them screech? :P

General and Illyria Starbark, overlooking probably where I have swam off again.