Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Stropnik-Acman night photoshoot...

I can't remember the last time I got home from a gig at midnight, but then again it IS the summer and last night I got home at ten:thirty from a doggie walk. But they do make me feel strangeley calm and alive, these evenings, even driving by myself when I'm slightly tired and the exact kind of a right music plays - I feel complete.
          Today was probably the first time that I did plain good old photography: not reportage, not portrait, not high fashion, but just good old-fashioned pickies. Available to me were the two magnificent Stropnik sisters and their amazing house - which WILL feature again, in daylight, the next time we meet. We used the glass wall between them and Henry The Spotlight for extra effect and a couple more day-flies got the opportunity to add 'modeling' to their resume. 
          I could have taken another good pic of farm workers loading hay into a vacuum machine (which moves it up under the roof, above the cows), what with the great light effect and all the specs flying, but that was a little too dusty even for my expectations of Mark's resiliance, so...
           here's just a taste of what we did at the Stropnik house, before I pass out from sleepiness and heat (the hot kind, not the sex kind) :P