Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I just love planning and packing for cool trips. Don't you?

The days have been going by, detached from reality. In the morning I make myself go out with Drey, walking our wolverines (no matter how lazy, sleepy, moody or preoccupied I am). Then I either sew new trip baggies for my junk (okay, that sounds a bit off), a quaint sleeve for the iPad (with wooden buttons and suchlike) and ... suchlike. I also browse way too much Apple Apps and am practically brain-dead from staring at the screen. The deal was I can waste about ten bucks per month for the applications, so they have to be chosen supremely carefully. So far I got a Koi Pond, Plants Vs. Zombies, Tic tac Toe - all the essential things one must always have when going on a road. (Also maps, GPS and EverNote, but that's like, serious stuff and may only come handy in certain circumstances.)
          In the afternoon, General and I are usually cruising the town for things we may still need. We got several of the stuff planned, some we didn't plan and some we didn't get - yet. We got a schmekky tent and plenty plastic crates for sorting food neatly, or dirty dishes (if we fail to have a water source close by...), a car-powered electricity outlet for about a dozen chargers we will likely be taking along, several insurances and some of our old camping gear that has been loyal and useful for a while now. What we still need is a cooker and food.
           In the meanwhile, I am trying to study the itinerary (Gods help us), and purchase small and helpful things, such as leisure books, movies and anti-mosquito spray. Then we sleep, and then all this starts all over again. :)