Friday, 22 July 2011


sERIOUSLY, pEOPLE?! sERIOUSLY?? Today?? After two years of dreaming, half a year of planning, fourteen hours of packing and an interesting forty minutes of making sandwiches, you go and blow up Oslo today??! And Norway, of ALL the countries on this planet...What's NORWAY ever done to anyone, save maybe salmons? Like, the cutest country on our list and we're leaving at THREE AM tomorrow, and now some creep blows up the pretty Oslo and some retard that gives the rest of us gunnies a stinking bad name, goes and shoots civilians. Two ridiculous blows in one afternoon. Jesus fuck.
            I don't get it. Is this like a hint? Should we just go to a pretty Mediterranean island and sunbathe instead? If so, it's pretty extreme. (I mean, the car IS packed so that we can virtually drive ANYWHERE on what we're packing right now.) ......

......I miss my dog. Everything is so much simpler if I can blame shit on my dog :(