Monday, 18 July 2011

An Alma Karlin moment: too ugly to be raped

An interesting negative experience last night...
          Walking home two blocks (around midnight), a car zig zagged towards me down the empty street. It turned onto the sidewalk in front of me to cut me off - the windows were down and it was full of about four or five guys, relatively young and very drunk. One of them reached for me and yelled: "You're dressed up so nicely! But you're still too fat..." and one inside said: "Get on with it..." and the first guy replied: "No, didn't you hear what I said, she's too fat. Just drive on."
           The funny thing is, I was actually walking away so fast and with my head so low, ready to run (I'd probably have to ditch my beloved flip-flops) while dialing my phone, I didn't even dare turn to look at their driver's licence.My survival instinct was iron-clad. Just carry on, don't give them any reason to notice you again. Just walk. 
            Impressive, as I had never felt threatened in this town before, especially at night, where I love to walk when the air is cool - but at this point, it kept going through my head - what if I was ten years younger and twenty pounds thinner... Would they have tried to drag me into the car? Cause that would have ruined my whole day. I hate screaming and I would have REALLY hated losing my shoes in the fuss...