Sunday, 17 July 2011


I have come across a curious concept.... I mean, I have dealt with the concept before, being a mega fan of Miyazaki and having written 'Hearsay' myself, but it just never occurred to me it's a sub-culture. I love the Internet. I love waking up and finding out I'm not the only one - far from it,in fact. feels cushy :D

One main reason why I love it (and much prefer it to cyberpunk), is that unlike cyberpunk it is not dystopian. Whereas in lore such as The Matrix machinery is awesome and humans are failing, in movies such as Sherlock Holmes, inventions are still steam-powered, but have beating hearts for inspiration, and humans are adventurous, brave and optimistic.
            If this thrill of finding out a new word persist, I may write our travel story in a similar manner... (I haven't decided yet how I want to write the trip. Somehow not featuring any Salanders.)


Turquoise Viola said...

I love It!

Pix said...

I think it'll be the title of my new travel novel...