Sunday, 25 March 2012

Also some other interesting things I've found on-line while surfing,waiting for the raid group to form and we can kick Deathwing's possy's ass

There's some cool Scottish bridge that goes under my 'statics' lesson. I have very little problems with architecture as art form (I mean regarding me, regarding other architects I am very cautious), but I do come up lacking severely in terms of statics. Stability of my designs is questionable at best. That's why I build them all on clouds. It's why statics is my favourite part about physics. Also I really like the word 'torque'.
This is the Forth Bridge, a cantilever rail thing that captures the principle very well. I especially love how the engineers demonstrated the functionality of it :))

On the other hand, back on Facebook, I found some REAAAAALLLYY cute furniture. Like, seriously adorable. Make-me-want-to-get-very-rich-and-have-it-all cute. :D

Then I came across of this:

This is a direct respond to an older, quite famous pic of Knightley, Johansson and Ford :D You have to admit it's funny.

And a naked picture of supposedly Scarlett Johansson, which she took in her room on her phone. Do people really do that? Take naked pictures of themselves? ... Hm, I suppose they do. Although I think that Mrs. Johansson would probably have a better camera phone than that. ? No matter. What she does in the privacy of her lonely hotel room while she is forced away from her friend is nobody's entertainment but their and I prefer her dressed or at least almost dressed anyways :)

... and
I think this is rather cool. Coctails that start with looking really drinkable and refreshing :D

 And puppy wolves. How can you not love puppy wolves?

. Plus, for the end, I've been wondering.... should I (in case I have to do book openings some day) make my hair make look more like this?

 If I am ever thin and pretty, I will probably try to pull the Steampunk look for a while. I always wanted to, but it really doesn't work well on a chubby shy girl. Since I'm off my meds, i've lost six pounds in a week. So there's hope for me yet :D