Monday, 26 March 2012

On books and food. And books about food.

Arrrgh. Mental note: don't flip through really pretty national food books while on a nasty diet. You'll never get the pages apart again, after all that drooling. Even if it’s a lot easier to eat just apples and drink just unsweetened tea six days a week, if you’re off the hormone meds. Though on the down side, I am now a lot less horny. I notice I haven’t had to clear my search history since Friday. 
Today I walked from one town to this one (okay, so it was the same length as the daily doggy walking routine, but the road was far less pleasant – asphalt and midday sun, not my fav combo), returning from the candidate printer. The General has negotiated a reasonable deal (not so much price-wise as payment-period wise) and I wanted to stand next to the guy when they start pushing out the first pages. I’m not saying the book is definitely in limbo, because a dozen things can still go wrong, first and last of all being the money, but it certainly is a rush to flip through the first raw, warm, moist, dirty pages and find embarrassing spelling mistakes you can no longer correct and think: FUUUUUCK?!!
That’ll teach me to provoke Nelken.
I have no idea what will happen in the next few days. Well, we are going to get ourselves in a lot more debt and hopefully a lot more motion and thus one step further away from normal people, who tend to listen to reason and quit as soon as it gets unpractical to be an author.  Of course it’s unpractical. It’s scary and pricey and you’re sweating and crying and fighting and line up ulcers and always, always think – this could have been done SO much better…
But you’re one step closer to the other bank. And I like the sound of that other bank.