Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Hunger Games movie

Home from the movies. I love going with friends and I would do it way more often if a) there were more movies I would really want to pay to see and b) I had more friends with similar taste. I love going with The General as well, but he is the type to stare for hours on end at old Yugo partisan epics and I prefer the likes of, well, this :)

I loved the fact they didn’t rush it and didn’t make it into a killing movie. The whole story is about the absurdity of murder as methods of first crowd control and lastly, entertainment. The music goes superbly with it and so does the unsteady cam, which half the time really accentuates the feeling of being right there, right with them. Making you really glad you’re not. They even removed the over-the-top bits, meeting the bare minimum of the parts the author of the book didn’t do too well (the monster dogs at the end. There was just enough of those, thank you.) Even the casting of the two boys was well done, as neither of them was supposed to be anything special really, just ‘there’. One she grew up with and he was kinda handsome and loyal, the other she went through hell with and was just nice and good. She didn’t really *love* any of them, especially not one over the other, but everyone kept expecting her to, pushing her into making all those choices. She was so well measured – just the right amount of awesome and fucked. The way she shakes uncontrollably just before she has to walk into the tube and the way she breaks down after Rue dies, I know just how that feels.  I have to say, the director captured the purpose of the book awesomely. Makes me kind of wish some of the other good books from the genre would get so well televised :) I’m thinking the first book of Sabriel and the second of ‘Wind on Fire’ trilogy …

LoL. What is it with fire lately? Song of Ice and Fire… Catching Fire… Kindle Fire… 

Oh, and I have to applaud myself. my mate Klara munched on my favorite cheese nachos right next to me and I didn't even snatch ONE. I doubt I will meet the doctor's requirements up to the deadline, but my self-discipline lately is uncanny... I've eaten nothing but salad twice in a row! I ate a fucking APPLE! I'm drinking so much water it's coming out of my ears and did I ever describe how difficult it is to get off my bed to go pee at night?