Tuesday, 27 March 2012


One could watch all Smash just for Jack Davenport.

As much as I love what The Good Wife is doing for the layman insight on the shady world of lawyers, I like what Smash is doing for the world of drama behind show business. Not so much the sleeping around and wanting to adopt babies and kids smoking pot (come to think of it the entire Julia storyline could be left in some other show), and I am still not sure what Karen's boyfriend's political backstory has got to do with anything, ... but this is so neatly about not being about how good you are, but what's ultimatelly good for making money. I especially like the role of Ellis, the little snake. Nobody likes him, everyone knows he's a greedy little shithead, but he's gooood. He's cunning. He's on top. That's what seems to be appretiated in the heat of the moment.