Saturday, 10 March 2012

An interesting house...

In The Mentalist 4x17 there's an interesting house. I don't normally like things to be too busy in an architecture, forever a sucker for Japanese or Scandinavian Eco chic or places that generally have the sense of spas or temples, but this one was quite impressive. Rarely, but sometimes all that money actually can buy style.

 This is the front exterior. Usually I don't approve of 'glass and concrete' combo, but here the glass is in such a neat wooden frame and the concrete is made to look like pale wood...
 Smallish bedroom, but so homey. And I suppose it's cool to have many things displayed, if there's someone who will dust it all daily.
 Another front exterior. Creepy statue, though.

 Back exterior with the great roof and the pool... Note how the living room opens vastly to the outside, when the day is pretty...
 Interior. Combination of heavy, ugly iron furniture and small, colourful stuff. It actually works amazingly well. And note the detail on the coffee tables. I couldn't stop pausing to awe at them.

The front door... It's all super glassy and must be very see-through at night, but to fix that and achieve privacy, the scapist planted lemon trees all around it, so the house is fully enclosed. Beautiful.