Friday, 9 March 2012

The complicated Pumpkin page

I've been combing through my old manuscripts and recently I got my hands on the original old .indd file of the ‘stories’ picture book… Certain things in it now make a lot more sense and I’ve re-done some of the copies for the background, replacing them with more quality resolution ones… And more color.
            I’ve also thought and re-thought the page that was originally meant to conclude the Pumpkin Prince tale, but was at first thrown out, because it was too golden (whereas the others were dark and dull gray and blue and green.) and decided to put it back. The book is now two pages longer and I will likely get an earful from the printer, but I like this page and if nothing else, it gives me more space for text.
            If these books every see the light of day, the people that I’ve stared at relentlessly while designing these stories all those years ago will think me less a nutter and more a shy artist, haha. Looking back, the boy I did this story and drawings after didn’t look like this at all, but I needed to see him as a haunted, innocent but deeply too old creature, torn out of context by a dragon’s death … In this pic he sees fellow humans again after, oh, say, three or four thousand years…

... And I am not sure why, but this music keep going through my brain while I'm editing... What has the world come to, seriously. Me, listening to Chopin...