Sunday, 25 March 2012

ANTM 18......... AzMarie.

I KNOW watching ANTM 18 is not a testament to my taste in TV, but it's been such a pre-Game-of-Thrones dry spell I'm desperate. Although. Not that there's much of anything new about this show and it's not easy to watch for the better part (and is it just me or is the photography kind of really heart-not-really-into-it. When you see Nigel Barker take the camera in his hands and you think 'finally!', you know it's been a bad season.), but there are SOME highlights. The icily beautiful yet retarded Louise storming out, the tactless bitch (sorry, I know this business very easily degrades models, but when you come into someone house, eat their food, recieve their gifts, wear their clothes and bijou and are offered an easy meal ticket, you respect them. Or you quetly thank them and leave.
Okay, that's about that and then there's AzMarie. No idea what's up with that name, (am hoping Az stands for Azteca, which is one of my favorite names, though, what are the odds?) but this creature is a breath of fresh air into the industry and finally the androgyny are getting more spotlight. She plays the 'in-the-middle-of-all-crossing-lines' very well. She has gotten a lot more sad and withdrawn lately, but as result, her performance has peaked. Less flirting with the co-contestants, more flirting with the magazine covers. She certainly could be the next step in fashion, if she can pull this through...


Claire. said...

AAA! Shes my favourit! Jeez, I love her.
I have to remind myself all the time that shes a girl.. ;)

Althought in my opinion this season is fu****up. =/

Pix said...

Hihi, yeah, it helps to be bisexual when it comes to admitting some people are super awesome :)) You don't have to go around saying: yeah, I'd kiss her if only she was a guy. No. No. I'd kiss her.

.. if I wasn't married, of course :P

This season blows indeed. And I fear everyone knows is, starting with the people in it.