Friday, 2 March 2012

A Dangerous Method


Watched the movie. Liked it, liked the turning of the tables of it. It's like they showed the right chunk of lives that made a lot of difference in a particular profession. Not sure why they had to stress at the end that everyone eventually died, but okay. Also, as Anita Du Bauch said, sometimes you just can't go wrong with corsets and spanking (though that bit with the belt?? The force he used?! That shit hurts, yo!) The scenery and costumes were sublime. Ahh, the old Vienna. Didn't like Keira Knightley quite as much, I think this role would have been a lot better cast with someone who doesn't need to try so hard (literally twist herself around to appear haunted? Really? I suppose they've tried it with just her eyes and realised she's already done that to death. You kind of do get to see her breasts, but then again there really is nothing there to see.) Mortensen was quite nice, I enjoyed seeing him toned down a bit for a change. And of course there's Michael Fassbender (whose movies I've been watching these past days back to back, just because). How he plays a coy, uncertain, mild and naive married-into-money doctor who lands quite hard into the real world and then suffers a broken heart over parting ways with Freud, that was quite well done. The language they used, with the confidence they employed using it, was kickin'. 
         Personally I have to say I don't believe in psychotherapy and find the lot of the so called 'doctors' on the subject quite unnervingly daft, especially if they have read every book written on one single approach to some dysfunction and they feel like you're talking to a retard through a wall. Really, there is a wast field of nothing between my understanding of the gene - the biology of all interactions of things alive on this earth - and my infamous impatience with whining. "Get the fuck over yourself. Stop blaming your mother for every little fucking thing you fail to do by the age of thirty and from the age of thirty-five you've been alive for so long EVERYBODY has at least one ugly experience that's changed them. Seriously. Quit. The fuck. Craving. Attention." And get laid. (I have to agree with the boys on this one - too many man-caused bad things happen because people don't think sex is just as normal and random as eating or dreaming. Though of course 90% of primal things that cause pleasure remain labelled perversions.) Certainly, you have people who really are sick - but that's either a matter of chemistry or physical damage, or, ironically, syphilis - or people who really have been traumatised by a gruesome act of violence. In which case they should be treated by psychiatrists. The people I know who go to see psychotherapists, pay what priests and pets are made to listen to for free. 

I sometimes wonder if I am the only person in creation left to think that to suffer through a great sadness, worry or stage fright without the aid of drugs, alcohol and/or only a mild amount of hysterical rampage, eventually brings about clear and fruitful resolves and decisions, not to mention growth. Then again the times in which we live now offer a great deal of boundlessness in which people can play. I can't think of anything more natural for a couple to enjoy mock-violent fantasies and a certain amount of pleasurable pain from time to time in the privacy of their afternoon leisure hours. And I really don't think my dreams have anything to do with my libido. I know a wet dream when I have one and running a marathon via a submerged hanging bridge holding onto the ropes for dear honor is not it.