Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Really stupid nightmare this morning … O.o 

Yesterday Drej and I were wondering why the people in our home town library were so cold about our books – why they show no sign of celebrating the fact a few homies made it 8well, or will make it, in my case.)  It got us wondering if maybe people are jealous? Or something? Anyhoo, this resulted in me having a really stupid nightmare today. 

In the dream, I was in some shop where some guy was telling me it didn’t take me 15 minutes to edit a photo and he isn’t going to pay me the full fee, just half. The other customer, an old woman, came in with a large (A2) book, blue, with shabby covers. It was a book of photos by Tomo Jeseničnik, a fairly excellent landscape and suchlike photie. But because the book was old and worn (from a library), she proceeded to ripping off the spine into little bits until she had the book completely apart. I freaked out, appalled at seeing her do this and wanted to take the book from her. I demanded she gives me 50 euro se when we return the book into the library, they could fix the damage at a bookbinders’. She said the book was shabby anyways. And that I obviously have no sense of art. I couldn’t but grab her short hair and hiss into her face: never say I have no sense of art again.

We started walking down the main street, taking the damaged book back to the library with the 50 euro, by which time I was either alone or with Drej in tow and a phone rang. It was one of the clerks there, telling me they’ve heard of my behavior and are giving me an orange warning – one last before I get permanently banned from entering the library again. I tried to explain I was trying to save the book and he said he understands, but that just wouldn’t do. I panicked, offended, started thinking how I would leave of my own and how would I now borrow books – since this is the one time in my life that I actually can and am really looking forward to seeing my book on the shelf. I guess the General would have to go and take them out for me while I waited outside... Fuck. 

Then I woke up. What a weird feeling! And such worries I have O.o