Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sacher cake for a late night diner :) Closure of a cool Saturday. In the morning the sunny freezing walk with the bitches (and Drej :P), Cocta with Sara, which I haven't seen so long that I didn't think it was her when she strolled pass us, wearing pretty much every colour possible, like a pixie of spring. Then a bit of work and a bit of pancakes and a bit of more work and the new Harry's Law, then booboo came home and I skipped out to meet with Marjetka and Sergeja - who is kind enough to do my taxes for the previous year... Then we went to see another of the 'Comedy days' show that the General got us tickets for.

I am getting addicted to theatre again. I know I say this every time I get to see two shows in a row. And unlike movies, I cannot check reviews in advance and have any idea if the show will be any good, which makes me acutely aware of all the people and smells and heat in the auditorium, just before the show starts, maybe a few minutes in.
             But I saw and liked both this year, so far. Today's show, I think, was pretty wonderful.
             I am impressed by the sets the most. Yesterday Janja Vastl did a set for My Romantic History and tonight Vasilija Fišer did 'Against the Northern Wind'...

              Tonight story is this super passionate, turbulent relationship that two people have - who have actually never met. They're just email pen-pals and it starts really just by coincidence, because she sends the wrong mail at a wrong time to a wrong address. They start chatting, being cynical and kind of venting at first, but then she starts to be a bit slutty and bold and he a bit withdrawn and aloof, then they get tender, then they fight somewhat, sometimes over misunderstandings, sometimes because the previous letters were too blatantly sexual .. They agree to meet without really meeting once, in a crowded bar, so each just hopes the people they noticed were the ones they imagined, but they never really find out. Later on her husband writes the man to break the spell by having sex with the woman and the male protagonist decides to leave the country, but not before actually inviting her over to his apartment one last time. She is really excited, empowered and alive by the whole idea, (and at this particular moment nobody in the audience was breathing), but she eventually never goes. She sends one last letter to him, explaining why she never walked out of her own world, but her mail is already blocked. Thus the affair that never happened ends and when the show ends and lights come on and the two actors actually meet to bow, it feels really funny. They delivered a potent performance, one that it is very easily to relate to.
           I notice, though, funny enough, I really cannot stand people undressed on the stage. I just can't look. I look away and wait for the scene to be over, just listening. Somehow seeing a shirtless man just feels utterly unbecoming. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty naked people when I'm alone at home and horny, I love porn as much as the next Internet user, but that's porn. There's time and place for everything and seeing another man's naked chest is a definite no no in the real world. Stage included.

This is a good poster of the show... They talk about this later, about what happened when they went to the bar: she didn't think he was he, because he stood and held hands with a blond model (later proved to be his sister, providing a cover), who was also looking at the potential women and telling him of the candidates: one a tall, thin sporty girl with big breasts, drinking vine; one a more classy, serene, focused one, drinking soda and one a more nervous, vehement, energetic, obvious one, drinking whiskey...