Friday, 6 June 2014

A day in the midset of Josef Koudelka (thanks for bringing him up, bro)

“The “Gypsies” project is a product of wide-angle lenses. I bought them by chance, from a widow who was selling everything. It changed my vision.”

I know we're not supposed to admire or respect other people too much, because, well, Hodor, but some of them were still pretty cool. (And in case you have a problem with this philosophy - this has nothing with having morals or good relations with others, it is just meant to stress that quit trying to be like other people because you'll just copy them or hate them in the end or never feel as good as them. And besides, the really cool people don't want your awe and the uncool people don't deserve it.)

A minute tribute to a cool dude who gets it.