Wednesday, 25 June 2014


If we count the day from yesterday 4pm till today (about that time, but ongoing), it was a perfect day. Our third anniversary; no kitten this time, but perfect nonetheless. At four yesterday I got a new travel purse and a cake baking dish. Then I went to the movies to watch HTTYD2, before which I had coffee, ate a popcake and an apple/nuts moving cake. On my own, cause I was in bad mood. Then walked home in the rain, which I like. Had good dreams. Creepy and kinda gruesome, but quite fun. (Yes, I'm dream deranged.)
This morning my orders were to just be prepared at 7, which I kind of slept in from my usual 5:25, on account as it was raining. The dog had to do without the walk. General made a point of not allowing me to talk about the morning. At first I thought he might need me for a job (I forgot it was our anniversary, because I suck at dates - I just assumed it was on midsummer, which is my favorite time of the year), but then started to suspect he has plans for the occasion. My imagination went into a viral turmoil. Was it going to be a coffee/popcake date at MiškoKnjižko? No, we're walking towards the car. Are we driving? Where are we driving? He's not going to kill me by throwing me off some bridge, is he? (ye, it's just my mind being a mad hatter, I do that sometimes to myself) No, he's taking me on a road trip. Are we going to see a castle? Which one? Where are we going? Neup, we're just taking the umbrellas out. Wait, are we going to the train station? Where the fuck are we going? Is he going to show me a real estate he purchased for our future house? Neup, wrong direction. Ooooooh, we're going to the Capitaaaaal!... Shit, is he taking me to see the Koudelka show?? For realsies?! O.o

So yes. It actually wasn't a spur of the moment, because he's seen the email in which my brother suggested the show and I've mentioned it half a dozen times. He read all the articles, made sure the gallery is open and off we went. Only three trains rode today (national holiday or something), but we still had plenty of time to sample some muffins and later ate some mignons at Zvezda (Star), my favorite, super posh, snobbish and expensive, but fuck it, just too yummy cafe. And then we rode the train home. had lunch, went to bed to pass out. I woke up at 6pm and now, after doing pretty much nothing but doodling around with the photos, the day is slowly coming to an end. It really was perfect. I have no idea what I would add if I planned it. There as so much kissing and so many books and train stations and walking and rain, it just couldn't be any better.