Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2.0

I was in a rotten mood today and somehow I knew it would only get worse, regardless of what I did.  So I just slept for most of it and then showered twice. "It feel like the world is dirty and greasy. Don't ask me to be a human today," was the text I sent to General to leave me be. If I tried to cheer up, that would be a waste of good will. I know such days. I've learned to postpone any decision making until about a week later from them .. :)
But G being G, he shipped me off to a movie theater to go have some coffee and a popcake on my own (I spent an hour reading a NG article about the medical train that cruises the east of Siberia - places God's certainly forgotten and Putin doesn't know they exist.), and 200 annoying kids and I went to watch a synchronized version of HTTYD#2.. I would have opted for a non dubbed, but it wasn't a hack job, so it was lovely. Of course kids were way too young and spent first half of the movie crying, spooked by the dragons, and the other needing to pee and nagging, distracted and fucking useless, but that didn't phase me. The movie was excellent. I could watch the dragons, particularly toothless and his/hers? interaction with other for hours. It was kind of a sad story, because I expected a whole lot more of mating and a lot less dying, but that's just me. Why couldn't the big white alpha and the big black alpha just fall in love and have little 'uns? Why couldn't Stoic and Valka live happily ever after... for like a week at least? Why didn't Toothless find a mate? That made me cry. But I needed it.
Anyroads, the graphics were amazing, the dragons were amazing, the costumes and action and music, all of it was magnificent. Bit too fast paced, because I was sitting closer to the screen than I am lately used to (back row, where the smoochy is), and I had to look around the screen too much to catch everything, but never the less. It was perfect.
There was also a trailer for another interesting looking coming-soon cartoon... Book of Life, me thinks. Another one where I will have to sit far away, because there are about 60 billion colors and elements per frame.. and I've been watching very slow features lately, so am a bit out of visual practice. 

Valka's costume was RIDICULOUS! Am in love...