Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Barns of Madison County :)

Sweet day today :) I haven't slept enough, but no matter, I will later. We got up at 3 so I could drive G to work and move on towards Krško, a town with a nuclear power plant. We drove there a few days ago and it's a lovely drive by a wide, deep river with pretty landscape. I wanted to catch the area before daybreak. The best part about driving at 4 is no traffic. Although I am very shy and keep my head down all the time while I photograph, I really am a friggin' ninja on the inside. There's just something about a good morning's work that makes me feel like I have big fucking ...wings.

And of course taking photographs again turns me on. I haven't found my footing back yet, but I know what's wrong. I'll be waltzing around various styles for a while, until I fix it..

These are the barns I saw and wanted to shoot.. And also, there was a castle on the way and a railway bridge, but mostly I wanted to shoot the heck out of those barns :D

Oh, and I know making hysterical HDR is a massive NO NO, but I'm weak. Fuck it. Just once.