Saturday, 21 June 2014

Writing about Satra, chapter about the end of the world..

“Everything that’s wrong with this world is because of my mother. Everything she designed, every invention, every one of her ideas … Everything was misinterpreted, purposefully ill implemented or just plain stolen and abused. When I was very little she told me and I don’t think she was aware that I would remember it, I was really very young – they told her that if she fails them or betrays them, they would hunt me for the rest of my life. Can you imagine that – being a scientist while your child is a hostage whilst breathing? I remember her whispering: if you get the chance, baby, burn them all down. I wonder.. I’ve always wondered if that was a real memory or just something I put in my head later to justify my attitude towards the world. I mean the world that I’ve burnt to the ground.”