Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Aww, ye gods, Maček Muri is playing on the radio! ... O.o
This is a song that my generation grew up with, owning cassettes and posters from this incredible, incredible story about a posh cat on his morning go though town... Man, the last time i listened to this song spouse 1.0 and I were catsitting in the capital, in this cool, bright appartment and he was on the floor, drawing architecture plans and i was at a desk, drawing some picture book or another... And this song was playing. Those were such happy days. Pity they were exceptions, but at the time they made it seem worth while.
I was kind of undereducated on the subject of healthy relationships, granted. But the song will always be great. It just made my morning coffee at my fav cafe, at my fav table, looking out onto the sunny crowd even more perfect :D

Of course regardless of how shortly before I depart I pee, drinking at a cafe with no restroom is an instant bladder pressure. So that's that on perfection.