Monday, 23 June 2014

Concert for Ema and Vita

Two little things, adorable and talented, invited us to a concert to raise money for their trip to Portugal, where they will compete in a dance off - good for them! It was a great concert, lots of very cool people, kids prepared some really cute stuff and I've forgotten what a retinal orgasm it is to shoot under proper light. I love the theater house. I really do. I GOTSTA get myself into the rehearsals, because nothing gets you dramatic conflict portraits as quickly as professional drama. 

And also there is a man there I've been wanting to portrait for ten years and never have the guts to ask him, because he always looks at me like he would hatchet me if I spoke to him. Last time I felt this way got my life richer for one adorable little Nikolaj, so perhaps I should just stop being a fucking chicken and walk up to him and say, yo, dude, how 'bout posing naked next wednesday?

So anyways. Running between the center front row and leftside balcony, it was an excellent rehearsal in my portrait-in-setting professional elevation. And Gods know I need that lately. :P