Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lavishly writing, but oddly commiserating about my lack on photographic motivation. On one side I run up to ten pages a day, sometimes more, on another I cannot push the big button if my life depended on it. Am in total low of photographic ambition, hating pretty much everything I do. Is it the fucking lens things? Tomorrow and the day after there’s gonna be plenty of happenings in the town and museums… I wonder if that’ll change much. But I doubt it. I suck at this point. And for some reason, cannot, cannot hatch.
The text, though, that’s just too precious. I spent four days building up to this very important scene, building it step by step, weaving in convincing dialogue, slow and steady character development, even witty subtext and occasional teasers…… building the tension… preparing the mood… ….up until the point when the scene was not only obsolete but entirely unnatural and unnecessary.
Like, what the fuck?!
That was a great scene! Now it’s useless! That’s not funny, guys! Don’t do that to me. 

Mental notes: start building a completely new portfolio. Tomorrow.
Don't worry about the text. You can always edit it later. For now, writing, just go for it. Roam.