Thursday, 23 June 2011

 The other day, looking for mushrooms in the forest, we found this:

This was General's toy since he was born. He would toss, pet, chew and talk to this thingie and by some odd coincidence, it got half buried in the woods. I put it in the washer and restored some bits and now I have something that my baby, when he was a baby (and hence about the size that I am now), touched and laughed with. Sheesh. :D

In revenge, General found my schoolbooks and notebooks in an old box and read this from one of the covers: There's just one thing I can think of, that's twisted and complex in this life, and that's us, people. Take any unit of this planet - a fist-full of dirt if you will, and it will be a billion things to study in awe, in perfect combination, relation and arrangement, but us, humans, are so focused on making a mess of things, on digging for purpose and during destroying the point, we end up being nuts from chaos - the one thing we invented so that it would never happen we get bored in our own heads. I speak as the true representative of my species: I have, while learning about an atom, invented so many world in my mind, you could people them with a thousand Earths. 

Where oh where has all this wisdom gone?