Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Luther and Snufkin some more...

Luther is back. Second season, still nasty. I love the scene with the apple, as it seems to make such a difference. Shame about that young copper, though. And I luv how they all call each other Guv. :))
              I've been reading Tove Jansson's stuff for a few days now, mainly the bits featuring S. I cannot get enough of the tone she uses when describing his place in the world. It sucks me in and then I have to read it out loud to the General to get it out. I especially like how temperamental and almost choleric he is, how very upset he gets over stuff - as otherwise he is often calm and thoughtful. This is certainly the person that I would disagree with all the time and all the time I would be looking forward to meeting him again and disagree with him some more :)) And also I would be trying to get him to think about me. Perhaps even without him realizing it. Okay, I would definitely want to have him for myself :))))p
              Suddenly I have a real passion to get another tattoo. More exactly, to get the one I have on my back finished. I know exactly what I want and that makes for the third one I plan to add to my canvas... starting with the wedding ring tattoo. Oddly enough, the General, after all the fuss, has changed his mind about the golden wedding band... Men. Seriously. They're like friggin' terriers - as soon as you stop pulling something away from them, they get bored and spit it out. 

PS.: Case histories isn't half bad.Short-lived as these BBC shows seem to be, they do offer quite a bit in the sense of lead characters and locations :)