Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bit more stuff from the wedding day... :)

It started off pretty hectic. In fact I got up way too early and there was about an hour of time around seven, when I had nothing to do but fuss. It wasn't until when I got to Drey, when she sat me down and began to do my make up (I finally know how models feel! It feels great!) that i began to mantra the word 'tranquillity, tranquillity' and things started to settle in. My phone was consta ringing with people needing directions, so I asked two runners to go around town and collect them. Thanks again to Sanela and Rok for their patience :))

And then at some point it hit me. All this mess, all this fun is because of me. Everyone is looking at me. Everyone is here because of me. My maids kept arranging things and making sure I don't explode or anything, haha, and I kept going from one person to the next, greeting them and telling them I'm so glad they came. Only problem was - all these excellent people that responded to my invitation for the occasion, were so many. There was just no way to make quality time, spent with them. It was not the right occasion for it. Even birthdays are a pain when it comes to trying to incorporate coffee-hang-out mood to something this crowded :))

The ceremony was very long and rather cute and a little bit funny. I know there was a pang of shame for standing here for the second time, having to listen to the vows - not that it was me who broke them the first time, but because they seem so profound and I failed to live up to them, once, a long time ago. I also kept gravitating to the General and he kept offering me his pinky for moral support :P I wondered what the kiss would be like and it was so splendid. He kisses so, that I always lose myself in the swirl of world and dreams and sensation and then wake up to the happenstance - only in this case the happenstance was just as euphoric. Even the General admitted he was high on everything going on. It takes a bit for him to say something like it :D

 We didn't have any rice or bubbles, so we pretended to be bombarded by torrents of the lot and then photoshopped the specks in later :D It isn't cheating if everyone agrees to tell the same story :))

 Dad & me :D   I am the one on the left :p

The feast, as mentioned, was absurd. There was too much of everything from start to finish and we still haven't returned all the dishes to the right owners, after half a week. But everyone tried so hard to contribute, we lacked nothing and everyone ate too much. Funny, I barely ate at all - I just had a little bit of pasta salad, a few nacho chips and a bit of cake. I didn't drink anything at all, because going to pee in that dress was a drag. No need to stress that after eight hours of having a jolly great time, I was o the verge of dehydration - and still the euphoria didn't abandon me :)

Dad and Teddy, new best friends :D
"May he really not have *any* food?"
"No, dad, really, he may not eat anything from our tables..."
"What about if I happen to drop something from these very thin and unstable plates?"

 Dad, again, with a puppy by the elbow... the doggies cleaned the ground to near no-trace of any party, rummaged through garbage for every crumpet and occasionally knocked plates from people's hands just to remind them they're hungry for yummies also. :D I know I sound like a lame dog owner, but sorry, it just isn't a party without them :) And here Starbark already looks so tired, she would have passed out were it not for the competition :)

 Špela, looking super cute with a guilty pleasure expression :))

 The General, closing in for a kiss :D

 Klavdija and the bibi :)

 Franka and her man :)

 Pasky and, below, Luka and mum and dad


 The Dorimu couple - the makers of that insanely lovely doll I got as the best gift ever...

...and so on and so forth. Just a lot and some more pickies of people having a good time until they are so full they can barely get up :)))))


Anonymous said...

So many wonderful pictures. And you look so beautiful and happy. Hope your lift will be this happay all your life :D Hugs