Saturday, 4 June 2011

Went to the magistrate's office yesterday, to register the wedding ceremony in the city hall. Poor office lady! :D The general looked so nasty that she actually asked him if he's upset. I explained that this *WAS* his lovey dovey face and she proceeded to flirt with him a little. Nasty old hag :P But we got the date we wanted, regardless of the holiday, and walked out content. I have finally figured out why General is always so upset when I tell him what to do and when and how to do it: with reins in my hands, he doesn't have the view of the entire picture and this freaks him out. I am of the impatient sort, obviously, so if after a thousand days he still isn't ready to deal with some thing, I'll just deal with them for him and he has to follow like a sulky puppy. This is not the role he is at home in :P
            P.S. They gave us this booklet with instructions for the wedding and flipping through it, I cannot but think: these poor people?! How can anyone want to fuss and spend so much on something that can so easily be done for a lot less and with a lot more fun? There is like a half-year preparation thingie, what with the dresses and make-up artists and gifts for guests and seating arrangements and so on and so forth.... Aren't people suppose to have a good time, eat and dance and make fun of the groom? And how the hell does someone need to pay for the make-up artist? That part I just don't get. Okay, not everyone is capable of making their own cake, dress, flowers and photography, but hair and make up?? Don't people have sisters or friends? Or mirrors?


Anonymous said...

Just have to say GRATZ a lot og GRATZ from Jenyfear at Balnazzar :)