Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ha, yup, today the doggie walk was kinda interesting. Okay, gory may be a more accurate word :))
       I was late for the walk because I was making myself Fissshy shorts and so as soon as we got to the outskirts, I let Barky go off leash. She met a golden retriever who wanted to play with her and she made such a fuss they must have heard her back till the center. She seems to want to kind of dog scream and run and bark and yelp real loud at the same time when any canine approaches her, lately. No idea what the fuck that is about. Mental note to work on her social graces..
       We then caught up with Drey and Sofi and after two seconds of puppy play, there was blood all over the place. And I mean all over the place. Red, hot, glittery blood - over Sofi's head and paws, over Lyra's head and paws, over the pebbles, over the grass and leaves... Man do dogs bleed when accidentally playfully bitten in their beaks :D But save for the gruesome effect, everyone was fine and Starbark stopped bleeding even before she noticed she's been embarrassingly almost eaten by a puppy half her size :D
        And to finish the gory puppy story, we were gonna climb down the rocks to the river to teach the doggies to swim a little - and nearly walked onto a sunbathing snake. According to google, it was a dice snake and not particularly fierce, though it still makes you gain a safe distance of, say, a mile or four, meeting it. 
          All in all, it was a walk worth a mention :)
          Other than that I did a watercolor painting for a magazine and tested the paper with a couple make-up ideas :) General is still working 14 hours a day :s  Though the second episode of the fourth season of True Blood was kind of cute meanwhile. Obviously nobody can get enough of Eric, but there is something to be said about a witless Eric. May I dip him in whipped cream and eat him please? just this once?