Monday, 6 June 2011

Not much point in doing something if you're not going to be having fun, right?

Unless you're climbing Everest or something. That's not much fun, but it does make a lot of sense to some people. Anyhoo. Slightly disappointed that some are dropping out of my wedding plans when it's time to be graceful, but if I let that bring me down, I am no better than all the whiny losers that always take the opportunity to fuss and fight - that I think so little of. I set to pull something crazy and I'm well on my was to learn how to make the most of it - so I may as well have a good time. And besides - we spent yesterday sewing the dresses. A mess that it was, it was also amazing. Who would have thought that a seamstress/couture fashion designer/masochist lies in all of us!! (The last bit belongs to how many times I managed to prick myself while making flowers :P) Even the General tried to flee at some point but was pulled back by the gravity of the project :D I'll post more pickies, but I have an errand to run. For now, some of the pickies for the 'test run' trip we did to Svetina the other day. The Trips project is going excellent as well, I just hope the people in the headquarters aren't getting fidgety already. Need a couple more days to make it perfection :))
          Helps to listen to Shakira. :p  Doesn't help to watch the latest Killing. That shit's fucking depressing.