Sunday, 26 June 2011

Preparations, from two days ago :)

The day before the showdown, there was lots of sweet food to be made. We actually started a day even prior, what with the shopping and some of the less complicated doughs. But the plan was to prepare about three salty snacks, such as bread sticks...; sweet snacks, such as muffins...; and several cakes. We occupied the largest kitchen between us (still nowhere near large enough, haha) and early Friday morning set to work. The trick is to make something and, while it bakes or cools, make something else. Not everything is going to turn out great and bare in mind the weather and conditions of transport, but other than that, we did great. Ultimately, on top of everything, (made also out of cut-offs), we produced a chocolate, coconut, fruity, dream and Sacher cake - and we would have put one on top of the other, but because we had no fridge and most fillings were made with whipped cream, the cream made the architecture unstable, so we ultimately opted for a 'cityscape' version - not at all the cutest, but a lot safer for transport over the shaky terrain. :)

 The mats :))
 The works :)
 Breadsticks with poppy or sesame. They are great wrapped in prschutto...
 Muffins :D
 Future cheese coins with spice...

 "If everything goes as planned, it just means you forgot to turn on the oven yet :D"
 Future cakes.
 Cut-offs canapes :)
 Cakes. Stronged together with frozen chocolate lace...

 The Sacher for General :)
 At 9pm, after over 12 hours of work, we still needed to iron the clothes and fix my hair into curlers...
But one thing not lacking was the cornucopia of thingies to eat :D And get caries :DDD