Sunday, 26 June 2011

D day (first glance)

Just the crumpets, as there is still no energy to even *begin* editing all the photos... :D
          But these are just some of the tidbits :))

Me, under the scrutiny of Drey/Make-up artista. I am especially proud of the moment where she asked: are you planning to cry any? And I was like: LoL, NO. And so she applied the runny make-up. Ah, well. Mental note to next time bring more than just one handkerchief for every female and parent and the room. Not one per person. One :D

I was of course STILL the photographer, even though "all the girls in the room, let me hear you say hooo-aaaa!" we got dressed and crammed into the lift and then hurried to the wedding ONE MINUTE EARLY :D Unheard-of! :D

There was a lovely ceremony, lovely speech (although at some point the magistress DID mention the word *shapely* to describe my groom, which was KIND of odd, but okay. He is kind of beyond :D ) and some tears. Yes, yes, I did cry just a little :D But it was just so damn surreal to be standing there.

Then, after about an hour of directions per each, we drove, following the big car with silly small white baloons :D I was in the car second, with Špela driving and consta honking and every once in a while a baloon from the grom's car tore off and hit us :))))

There was too much food to mention. Seriously, everyone brought TOO MUCH food. The plan was to make three separate units: the bread (which my new mother in law did in such abundance, that after the feast we STILL got to take home about five gigantic loafs - and I am talking farmland loafs, not city loafs. One loaf feeds a small village.); the meats: my dad was ordered to make 30 sheeshkebabs and 50 chewapchich (a very large thumb sized ground meat with spices thingie, excellent for BBQs) and, sure, he did. On one plate. And then brought seven plates of it. Plus there was a roasted pig which, ironically, with all my health-food city friends, everyone finished till the last bit. We managed to salvage the head :D And there was the sweets that us made last night. Towards the end, we were basically forcing people to take home plate-fulls of sweets and we then filled the Pathfinder with what we still had. Wait, let me go measure myself on a scale....

Hihi, my dad made insta friends :D

 See what I mean? :D

Though some still hunted down and ate the soap bubbles.... :D

Post festum: ahhh, the burden of balloons.... :D