Sunday, 26 June 2011

The perfect gift: the completely comprehended essence of me

All gifts that we got for the wedding were precious (and some of them will make for an excellent honeymoon :)), but there was one that marked the entire day onto a map of an extraordinary life: suddenly I panicked all those mushy wedding cards had it right: this IS the happiest day of someone's life. This is the moment when all the company, relations, food, location, pets and cameras come together in one amazing happenstance: the reflection of a life to come... or a life that in some case already is :D

This is a Dorimu doll. It's something like a Stradivari violin or a Swarovski crystal or a Vera Wang wedding dress... I've wanted one since the second I saw the first one and having met the couple that makes them, I was simply too much in awe of them (they really are kind of awesome) to ever ask to be put on their waiting list...


Look closer now.
This was their gift to me: look, look: See the freckles? The red hair? The totally cute but sturdy travel bag for an apple, camera and notepad? The obvious fixation to measure places by the ice coffee they serve? THE GREEN  FISSSHY PANTS WITH ONE POCKET AND KOI FISH??????????

Okay, now I have to cry again. I am so happy to be alive on a day like this, I keep going between the dog and the hubby and kissing them while they sleep, anyone watching me from above must think I'm crazy :D But I'm simply so deeply, oh so deeply in love :D


michelle yager-french said...

oh she is so special!