Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Game of Thrones update/intermezzo

Every Monday morning I download the latest slice of cherry cake that is the Martin TV thingie, titled so very well indeed: The Game of Thrones. I wait oh so disciplined not to check ANY bit of it safe for quality, language and sound (torrent is like a box of chocolates - you really never know what you're gonna get) until my cuddling returns from work and the  we sit down and have our 'movie hour', often eating something and the dog pretending to be asleep. We watched the 'Baelor' yesterday. I just have to write about it. (Though Killing has picked up some again and can be watched more easily.)
           The casting of Thrones is ridiculous. The actors are SO damn good, they wouldn't even have to speak for us to know what is going on. They could be talking in Swahili. Someone said Bean's face is a stage upon itself and for once I have to agree (though at times his skin is way too perfect to belong to a man two weeks in a dungeon.) At other times the setting, costumes, make-up and a bucket of grime upon every actor is absurd. The whole scene with the court of Walder Frey, who trades a number of his kids of in exchange of Robb's bridge passage is a bitter reminder of what the middle ages were TRULY like. Ewww... Though what's to become of the hunky Drogo, I do not know. Well, I know he'll die, but that's the only storyline with some hoodoo in it and I know before he burns, things will boom.
             The scene of Ned's demise is grave - how the poor child is grabbed and we get to feel how she feels while some sick twist of fate takes off her father's head with his own sword, that's some excellent directing. (Alan Taylor.) The storyline itself, as said in an article on the subject, set so that the characters all around him have grown to this point, that with Ned's death they are literally forced to rise to the occasion, that's good writing from Martin's part, too. What was once a difficult position for a fat king and his noble hand/friend, has now been ripped off center and a whole lot of creeps and spoiled brats and/or cuties with daddy issues have stumbled into the void left behind by their passing. If there was a little bit of a game of thrones from ambitious heir and spouses before, wait till you see what shit storm will hail down upon the world now, with Lannisters getting what they've always wanted.