Sunday, 19 June 2011

Uhm, yes, and I didn't bring Mark along to the concert so no pickies for once. If I had done that, all I'd think about would be to take shots. This way I got to be there as just me. And dance and scream and not have to worry about having to kill people for trying to steal my camera.

P.S. There was a half-an-hour radio show/dialogue with me on air yesterday and I finally understand why some movie stars (! hah! Hah-hah!) say they never watch the films they shot... I always found that to be kind of weird, but now that I got links to the show and should probably listen to it, there is NO WAY I would ever do that!! Fuck, just the thought of all the little chicken shit piles I've neatly distributed over those 30 minutes! :D

*"#$%&/%$#$%& *... The General discovered the link and pumpd up the volume, so I can even hear the show while hiding in the pantry... :/ He's so happy with himself. He loves to see the real me: the embarassed and humbled me that runs around the house in her underwear and makes funny noises when tickled.


Sanela said...

we love you :)))))

Pix said...

*blush* :P