Thursday, 9 June 2011

Although two out of four of the bridesmaids have pulled out (have better things to do) and some that were not asked are mortally insulted, almost all of my family members on both sides will contribute in which any small way they initially agreed. Things are still very much on track. We have gained another cool lady to be his best woman and the roses for the bouquet are coming along nicely :D (My fingertips may take a bit to recover, but the bunch will be lovely!) :P 
          Yesterday we scouted for a possible place and as it turned out, we did find an almost perfect location. (If it rains, we're fucked.) There is a delightful long roof, newly constructed, over several long tables, a BBQ spot and plenty electrical outlets - and all around are forests and wheat fields and places to stroll if you get bored by the noise... I would have spent an hour rummaging around, looking for mushrooms right then and there, but we had more pressing plans that consisted of ice-coffee-shakes and killing orcs. After my fingers recover, I will make some decorations for the posts and I think if we use one of the rolls of cloths I have for stage set for the tables, the place will look more regal than we at first predicted. With all the salads, cakes and half a roasted boar, it will almost be like a medieval king homage :P