Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dober večer, familija!... *

...* Good evening, family folk!

Last night's concert of Siddharta (the one band from this country that actually takes my socks off every time) in the Stožice stadium was insane. In. Sane. The whole event (in short called the bachelorette party) was perfect. My brain is a bit jet lagged because I am ridiculously tired still, so if this entry makes a bit less sense than I'd first want, I'm sorry. The brain cell is simply still passed out.
            We sewed like nuts yesterday, actually finishing for the most of the dresses, leaving some rims to be shortened and flowers to be added to the messy patches. It was hard work and I was tired and maybe even a little bit edgy (though Drey decided I'm actually choleric, or even phlegmatic, so that's okay :p ), but after a quick shower and some ice-cream for the girls, the four of us drove to Ljubljana. At first we couldn't find our way into the dome hall, which has something like golden dragon scales all over it, in a sort of fiercely over-prices and nastily posh way. Then after, say, half an hour, when we actually did manage to get to our seats (or close enough), the band started on time and very quickly, armed with glow-sticks and popcorn, we charged into a noisy, sensual frenzy and screamed and jumped around while the songs roared into the Mordor-colored sky... After an hour, considering none of us was fifteen, we slowed down a bit and decided to scream and dance only to songs we know by heart :)) But then another celebrity, a lady guest singer came on stage and we roared all over again, me also crying cause the song they sang is a fuck unhappy one... "...a name can be heard, a name that meanth everything to her.../....and you can hear the shot to the heart... /... just not him, not him, not him!!!..." I usually skip these songs because they pain me. Okay, but so after this, after another hour, yet another megafamous - and not half bad - bang came on to sing a song about the machines we are sending into the skies... It was fierce. The lead singer kep egging us on to sing louder, jump higher, explaining this concert will be another album, titled VI. In Latin that's the number six, marking their sixth album, in Slovenian in means *you!* in plural. there is one song they borrowed from a legendary folk performer and they made it extraordinary. Tomi, the lead singer, said he wants us 3 feet from the ground when we bring the song to the close... 
           Anyhoo, it was insane. I cannot understand why anyone would have to believe in God, when something like this brings you closer to the storm skies, with the booming bass you can feel in your marrow and the hot wind blowing from the seas... that anything. 
           Then we found our can and drove home, but I don't remember that bit, as I passed out. I will return to bed now, because I am still dead tired. I have plenty of dreaming left.

The only negative thing of the event was when the lead singer was in a duet with his brother, some genius threw a glow stick onto the stage and managed to hit the lead in his head, temporarily pissing him off. That wasn't very evident, but it was still a depressing incident. Some people are simply fucking pointless.