Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Dangerous Method

Watched the trailer for an upcoming movie 'bout a Freud/Jung/some mental patient triangle. Considering Mortensen passing on the torch, looks like Michael Fassbender is the latest thing. He certainly isn't as easy to look at as Bradley Cooper, but where Cooper went wrong, flashing that flawless 10.000 dollars dental work and those amazing eyes and cheekbones (and that's just above the manly stupple.), Fassbender often hid himself behind some odd facial hair-do and grime or starved expression. But as much as he was edible in 300 and cute in Inglorious Basterds, he seems to be everywhere lately. I can't wait to see him in Jane Eyre, the new X men and Prometheus.. He's different every single time. Fr a very pretty man that's quite an effort.