Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I couldn't tell you exactly why I have a dead deer's head in my freezer, but it goes for certain that stealing ice-cream when home alone is half less appealing. Would make one heck of a prop, though. But it would be too shocky. And I don't do shocky. I want the story to settle in while one looks at a photo, not explode in your face as soon as you turn the page. It'll be a lot less disturbing once it gets cooked and bleached, so I continue to consider it.

        Exactly one year ago I wrote this on my Facebook wall:
        "A perfect birthday day spent: Get up. Pee. Put some clothes on so as not to run around butt nekkid. Take the mutt out to pee. Go pick up mail at the post office with your camera, because the light in that street is magnificent in the morning. Take those ten drawing to the frame-maker, finally. Make some photos fit for frames.. Ask if they can be printed big on matte paper. DON'T spend the Birthday money on 'on sale' fabric, because dog needs to go to school and whatever is left, take people to have pie in Europa cafe. Plead for the apple cake recipe or, if refused, be a spy and figure out how they make that thin bitter green layer that makes it all so good. Go shopping with the parentals. Go to the movies with the General - you pick the movie. It can star a girl. Or Arnold Vosloo. And LOTS of popcorn. To wrap it up, go for a slow evening walk with the camera by the river (dog optional) and have MacDonald's ice-cream Daim for supper. Full moon. (I mean on the sky, not me after I've eaten all that.) Get home, shower maybe, maybe play some Warcraft, powerleveling General's twinks. And a bit of a good book and then sleepy time."

It kinda makes me feel incredibly good that my life was perfect a year ago as it is now. I have absolutely zero to add. :D